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Prices physiotherapy

Kine in form follows the rates proposed by Axxon , the official professional association for physiotherapists. The rates include all materials and specializations. So no supplements are charged.


For a first treatment, an hour is always taken so that, in addition to an extensive interview and examination, a full treatment can also be carried out.


You can find a detail of the rates and the reimbursement by the health insurance fund here , do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this.


Prices personal training

  • Intake (1h): 60 euros

  • Training session 30min: 30 euros

  • Training session 1h: 60 euros

Prices sports tests

  • Lactate test (1.5h): 90 euros

  • Bike fitting (3h): 130 euros (we have successfully completed the bike fitter training and are now happy to practice what has been learned, our price will systematically increase with our experience)

  • Advice runners:

    • Running technique analysis (30min): 30 euros

    • Screening risk factors (1.5 hours): 90 euros


Payment methods

Payconiq is available to pay with the smartphone and bancontact to pay with the card. Upon payment, you will immediately receive a certificate for reimbursement from the health insurance fund. You can also receive an invoice.

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